Ceylon, the land of pure tea.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a beautiful island referred to as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Despite being a small island, Sri Lanka has astonishingly diverse features of topography comprising of the three zone; the central highland, the plains, and the coastal belt.

Tea is grown in Sri Lanka all year round.

There are several different types of Ceylon Tea. All have the same twisted leaves and result in a copper colored brew with a fruity flavor. They are differentiated by the area in which they are grown, which lends each type its unique characteristics

High-grow teas are characterized by dark brown leaves that brew to a delicate and light tea. These are the most aromatic and sweet of the Ceylon Teas.

Middle-grown teas are milder than the low-grown, but stronger than the high-grown.

Low-grown teas are darker and stronger and brew to a dark copper. The flavor is stronger as well and is best described as hearty and rich.

This diversity has given Ceylon Tea an unique advantage to produce teas of different flavor, aroma, strength and color unmatched by any other tea in the world.