Our Packaging Process

All Eudora Tea products are packaged under strict quality control by tea bag packing machines at our own factory. Our high-end tea bag machines ensure that product quality is maintained at its best. We also provide contract packaging services for other clients who require tea bag packaging. The types of contract packaging services we offer include everything from small to bulk packages and the use of different packaging materials such as tea bags with paper envelope and foil envelop, single-chamber tea bag, and double-chamber tea bags with or without a heat-seal.

Our factory has the most sophisticated and high technology-based packaging machines that help to set limits and improve production capacity while maintaining quality standards; the latest evolution double chamber packaging machine which is the Tecnomeccanica T10, a single chamber T2 Prima, MAISA envelope, and Maisa heat-seal. With these machines, our experienced operators and highly skilled technicians ensure the highest quality packaging, on-time delivery and competitive pricing for every customer.

It is our aim to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with our packaging process and with the finished product.

Using state-of-art technology, T10 produces double chamber tea bags made of heat-seal filter paper with a string and tag at a speed of 500 bags/minute.

The T2 Prima single chamber tea bag machine produces tea bag made of heat-seal filter paper with a string and tag. Its production speed is 320 bags/minute.