About Us

Our name, Eudora, is derived from a Greek word (εὐδώρον) meaning 'good gift.' We chose that name because we regard tea as one of nature's best gifts to humanity, and with that thought in mind, we devote ourselves to making tea of the highest quality and with the best taste and aroma, using Ceylon tea leaves from Sri Lanka.

Eudora Tea specialists select the best leaves from among those handpicked on various estates in Sri Lanka in order to create tea with a unique, bold flavor you won't find in any other brand.

Our goal is to enable our customers to enjoy nature's gift of flavor and aroma with tea grown and produced using environmentally friendly methods.

The CEO of Eudora Tea, Dr. Du Changjun who is a music enthusiast, says with conviction and compassion: “Tea to me is like a symphony which should be orchestrated with all elements coming together to harmonize with all your senses.”– In its R & D stage

With Eudora Tea, therefore, one can expect the finest of taste and its aesthetically appealing to indulge in an experience that will touch and satisfy all your senses.