Ceylon Tea leaves boast the best quality and fantastic flavor.

Our tea plants are grown in Sri Lanka under ideal conditions of temperature, humidity, and elevation, free of the unpredictable changes in climate tea plantations in other countries face. This makes for a clearly superior quality in both taste and aroma that is acknowledged worldwide.

All of our whole tea leaves are handpicked from different areas of Sri Lanka to ensure a better selection of leaf. This labor-intensive work greatly influences the final quality of teas. It allows for the subtleties of varietal, regional flavors, and a refreshing texture with softness.

Thus, we produce teas of unique character. By blending teas from different areas of the island, Eudora Tea offers a very wide range of flavor and color. Some are full-bodied, others light and delicate, but all our teas will have brisk full flavors and bright golden color. Our whole teas are all gluten free, and contain only natural ingredients. We take pride in offering superior quality products with outstanding customer service.

Our goal is to enable our customers to enjoy nature's gift of flavor and aroma with tea grown and produced using environmentally friendly methods.